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Baoding city poly or phase change energy storage technology co., LTD, registered capital of 30 million, the company is located in baoding city in full home village township pang village industrial park, focused on phase change energy storage in the field of research and product development, scientific research institutes and famous universities at home and abroad has established good relations of cooperation, the main production and sales all kinds of phase change materials, used in construction, military, heating, coal to electricity, cold chain transport, heat cooling mat mat, etc.

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Phase change concept
The transformation of matter from one phase to another. The physical and chemical properties of the material system are exactly the same. Corresponding to the solid, liquid and gas states, the substance has the solid, liquid and gas phases.
The pcm-phase Change Material refers to the Material that changes the Material state with the Change of temperature and can provide latent heat. The process of transforming physical properties is called phase transition, in which the phase transition material absorbs or releases large amounts of latent heat.

Principle of phase change heat storage
Phase change material has the ability to change its physical state within a certain temperature range. In the case of solid-liquid phase change, a phase change from solid to liquid occurs at the heating to the melting temperature. In the process of melting, the phase change material absorbs and stores a large amount of latent heat. When the phase-change material cools, the stored heat must be distributed to the environment within a certain temperature range for an inverse phase transition from liquid to solid. The energy stored or released during these two phase transitions is called latent heat. When the physical state changes, the temperature of the material itself remains almost unchanged until the phase transition is completed, forming a wide temperature platform. Although the temperature remains unchanged, the latent heat absorbed or released is quite large.

Ruihe heat storage PCM series products
I company production of PCM series phase change heat storage material for storing heat, phase transition temperature range from 25 ° C to 87 ° C, can according to customer demand, customized from 25 ° C to 87 ° C arbitrary phase transition temperature of thermal storage products, in order to achieve customer satisfaction.
At the same time, we can also accept customized packaging services, such as all kinds of cans, bags, microcapsules and so on.

Market prospect
Phase change materials will be widely used in human life and become the best green environmental protection carrier for energy conservation and environmental protection.

1. Daily heating and physical therapy
      Medium and low temperature phase change materials have been widely used in daily life: heat storage boiler, warm treasure, physiotherapy heat pad, baby foot pad, baby headrest, takeaway incubator, etc.

2. Building insulation and heating
Phase change materials are applied to architecture, which is a revolutionary development in the field of architecture. The main effect is energy saving, which can reach 60-99%. Take northern heating as an example, using phase change material, and calculating according to 100 square meters of houses, the electricity consumption of a heating season is only about 10 degrees. The application of phase-change material in electric heating industry is a revolutionary transformation from traditional electric heating to energy-saving electric heating. The phase-change thermoelectric heater is a representative product among them. Compared with traditional electric heater, it can save energy by 60-70%.

3. Garment industry
In the field of clothing, the use of phase change materials and the implantation of phase change materials into fibers can greatly change people's quality of life. Without any energy, ordinary clothes can be turned into micro-air conditioners.

4. Refrigeration equipment
Traditional refrigeration equipment, such as air conditioners, refrigerated vehicles and refrigerated warehouses, adopts the compressor refrigeration technology for refrigeration, which not only consumes electricity, but is not environmentally friendly. Using phase change technology, can replace the compressor for refrigeration, energy saving more than 60%.


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