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Baoding poly ruihe biotechnology co., ltd. was established in July 2013 with a total investment of 160 million, covering an area of more than 70 mu, located in the emerging industrial park in mancheng district, baoding city, hebei province. The company has more than 180 employees, of which 30 percent are research and development personnel, all of whom have bachelor's degree or above.

     Our company always adheres to the concept of "innovative development and green development", and mainly engages in the research, development, production and sales of amino acids and other health food and drug raw materials with biological (genetic engineering, enzymatic catalysis) technology as the core. 

     The company has complete product test, pilot test and production facilities. Among them, the plant covers an area of 30,000 square meters, all designed in accordance with China's new GMP standard, and has established a sound quality management system. Research and development center covers an area of 5000 ㎡, with biotechnology related enzyme engineering, genetic engineering, synthetic, fermentation and extraction pilot plant, such as laboratory. The main r&d and testing equipment is 60% imported. Since the establishment of the company, the research and development center has completed two industrialized products, three products in research, and in the development of the company and a number of well-known universities in China to establish cooperative relations.

At present, the main products produced by the company are 300 tons of 5-hydroxytryptophan and 30,000 tons of sodium diacetate. Sodium diacetate is sold all over the country, and the annual output value of all products exceeds 200 million yuan.

In the production and operation of the company, we always follow the aim of "improving human health", strictly control the quality of products, and strive to provide global suppliers with high quality and favorable price products.

Products and services

1、 L-5- hydroxy-tryptophan:
 L-5- hydroxy-tryptophan
Molecular formula:C11H12N2O3
The molecular weight:220.23
CAS NO.:4350-09-8
USES: used in medicine and health products, anti-depression, reducing stress and improving sleep.

2、Double sodium acetate:
Double sodium acetate as a white crystalline, with acetic acid smell, easily moisture absorption, easily soluble in water, decomposition of heated to above 150 ℃, with combustible, stability in a cool, dry conditions. The sodium diacetate mainly depends on the breakdown of molecular acetic acid, which has a good inhibition on bacteria and mold. Sodium diacetate is an unspecified ADI and is considered GRAS by the us FDA.
Sodium diacetate is a molecular compound of sodium acetate and acetic acid. Heated to 150 ℃ above decomposition, combustible. Sodium lg acetate is soluble in about lmL water, with a pH of 4.5-5.0 for 10% aqueous solution.

Grade food grade
Sodium acetate %  58.0-60.0 56.0-58.0
The moisture %  ≤2.0  ≤4.0
PH (10% aqueous solution) 4.5-5.0 4.5-5.0
Formic acid and oxide % ≤0.2 ≤0.2
Arsenic (As) % = 0.0003 = 0.0006
Heavy metals (by Pb) % < 0.0001 < 0.002

Sodium diacetate
Of double sodium acetate or SDA, no water content at the end of the molecular weight of 142.9 white crystalline m acetic acid smell, easily moisture absorption, soluble in water and alcohol, the crystal structure of hexahedron, melting point 96 ℃ to 97 ℃, heated to above 150 ℃.

 USES of sodium diacetate:
①The addition of 0.1-0.2% 1-2kg/ton SDA in the feed can effectively prevent the mildew of the feed and extend the storage period of the feed for 1-2 months. Adding 0.1-0.3% SDA into the compound feed can keep the feed for 3-5 months.
②As a nutritional flavoring agent, adding SDA of 0.05-0.2% to the grain compound feed can increase the protein utilization rate of the feed by 11%, increase the weight of fish by more than 10%, increase the weight of piglet by 6-8%, and increase the milk protein content of dairy cows by proper amount in the milk compound feed.
③As disinfectant, adding 0.1-0.2% SDA into aquatic feed can effectively prevent and treat fish patients caused by homologous microorganism and can be used as disinfectant for fish pond clarification. Adding 0.05-0.3% SDA to poultry feed can prevent and control pullorosis and increase the survival rate of the incubation period over 10%.
④The application of sodium diacetate in weaned piglets, the addition of 0.3 % sodium diacetate in the feed increased the daily weight gain rate of weaned piglets by 10.8 %. The daily food intake of weaned piglets was significantly affected. The addition of sodium diacetate significantly increased the feed conversion rate of weaned piglets (increased by 10.5 %).






























1. 用于电镀缓蚀剂和生化试剂。
2. 用于制备泛酸钙。
3. 可用于微生物学和生物化学等研究。
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