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Baoding poly ruihe environmental protection technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as ruihe environmental protection) is a modern high-tech enterprise specialized in the research and development, manufacturing and on-site service of desulfurization synergist. Companies adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation, quality first, the effect of first, quality service" business philosophy, is committed to environmental protection and governance, insist to do the best products, the pursuit of first-class effect, efforts will be the company into a first-class environmental protection science and technology enterprises, for the domestic and foreign customers with excellent products and integrated solutions, struggling for the realization of ecological civilization of the beautiful China.

Our company has a team of professional technicians including electric power, environmental protection and chemical industry. We also cooperate with many domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes and environmental protection enterprises, and devote to the technical research and development, product production and service in the field of desulfurization synergist. With modern production line and advanced inspection and analysis equipment, the company has the capacity to produce more than 10000 tons of desulfurization synergist annually.

The RHY2000 series desulfurizer products developed by our company is a revolutionary breakthrough in the wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) technology. It provides a new solution for optimizing operation mode of desulphurization system, improving efficiency of existing desulphurization system, saving energy and reducing cost of power generation.

Our company strictly follows the quality management system (iso9001:2008), environmental management system (iso14001:2004) and occupational health and safety management system (GB/ t2008-2001) for standardized management, and has sales and service agencies in all provinces of China, which can provide customers with high-quality, rapid and efficient services.

The company adheres to the service concept of "creating the first-class team, providing the first-class service and pursuing the first-class quality" to create the maximum value for customers. With innovation as the driving force and win-win development as the cornerstone of market development, we adhere to the development policy of "relying on science and technology for development and based on market for efficiency". Vigorously carry out innovation activities, constantly improve the scale, variety, technology and cost advantages, so that the company is always at the forefront of industry development, with real performance recognized by the industry and respect from the society. We are committed to meet your needs, and you seek common development, create brilliant!

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Limestone gypsum "wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) process synergist product introduction.

Abbreviation: desulfurizer synergist

RHY2000 series of "limestone - gypsum" wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) process synergist (hereinafter referred to as: desulfurization synergist) is a high efficiency desulfurization accelerator developed by ruihe environmental protection co., LTD. Its outstanding advantages are: inorganic salt, high efficiency, effective fast, no side effects. This product is applicable to all coal burning boilers using "limestone - gypsum" wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) process system.

The RHY2000 series desulfurizer is a simple and effective method to improve the efficiency of the existing desulfurization system. It provides an effective solution for achieving "standard discharge" of coal-fired boilers, optimizing the operation of desulphurization system, saving energy and reducing consumption, safe production and reducing the cost of power generation.

1. Product characteristics
No secondary pollution, total soluble and pH > 6.0. The long-term safety is high, the equipment and lining adhesive is not corroded, the pressure difference of demister is not increased, the utilization rate of limestone and gypsum quality can be improved. Does not contain any sulfur, chlorine, heavy metal and other harmful components.
Product features
1. White crystals. It can be used in food and medicine. Normal contact is not toxic to human body.
2. Mineral salt. No corrosion on equipment and lining adhesive, no side effect for long-term use;
3. Room temperature: 200ml, excluding saline, 50g synergistic agent, completely dissolved within 5 minutes, without suspension or precipitation, with a pH value greater than 6.0;
4. Quick starting speed without affecting the pH value of running slurry;
5. High efficiency range, energy-saving and cost-reducing effect;
6. Improve the quality of gypsum and the efficiency of limestone;
7. The product is free of chlorine, sulfur and heavy metal.
8. The product itself is non-toxic and harmless, without secondary pollution, and is non-flammable and explosive;
9. Similar products are more cost-effective;
10. Comprehensively optimize the operation of desulphurization system.

The "limestone - gypsum" wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) process system is adopted.
1. Inlet flue gas SO2 (SO2) concentration is less than the desulphurization system design value: the liquid/gas ratio operation can be reduced if the discharge requirements are met. That is to stop the slurry circulating pump to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction;
2. The concentration of flue gas SO2 (SO2) at the inlet is greater than the design value of desulfurization system: improve the desulfurization efficiency of the original system, and ensure the standard emission without capacity expansion and transformation. Further reduce the cost of power generation, for coal-fired power enterprises (units) to bring greater economic benefits.

Add methods
Using the RHY2000 series desulphurization synergist products, there is no need to modify the original desulphurization system and the original process. Just add the RHY2000 series desulphurization accelerator directly to the sump pit.
Initial dosage: the initial concentration of desulfurizer synergist in the absorber slurry should be maintained to 800ppm. Actual calculation method:
Slurry tank volume (m3) x 0.8= first addition amount of desulfurizer synergist (kg)
Daily supplement: it can be replenished according to the waste water discharge and gypsum output of the previous day, and the actual supplement is as follows:
[waste water discharge (m3)+ gypsum output (t)/10] * 0.8= daily dosage (kg)






























1. 用于电镀缓蚀剂和生化试剂。
2. 用于制备泛酸钙。
3. 可用于微生物学和生物化学等研究。
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